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Rodney A. Pearson

Professor of Management Information Systems
Mississippi State University

At Play (including free software)

running I spend many of my non-working hours running the roads of Starkville, Mississippi. I currently have 80 marathons under my belt, with a personal record of 2:21:40 in the 1981 Boston Marathon. Yes, that was a long time ago.

While I was in graduate school in Boston, I ran as a member of the Greater Boston Track Club (GBTC). Many of my old running buddies from those days are shown in pictures on my web pages. If you see someone you recognize, please let him (or her) know that he (or she) is on the World Wide Web!

I do have some free time that I'm not running or working, and I spend some of it coaching my nieces and nephews in basketball, baseball, and softball.

At Work

Harvard days Unfortunately, I have found that I can not support myself via my winnings from road races. Let's see, I won $500 for winning the 1983 Mardi Gras Marathon, $50 each for winning a 5K in Carthage, Mississippi twice. $25 in the Milk Run 10K in Boston once. Well, not enough to live on!

So, to eat, I teach in the Management Information Systems Department at Mississippi State University. Follow the links for more information about our department.

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